How Do the Challenges of Senior Nutrition Change with Time?

Home Care in Houston TX

As seniors age, they experience a variety of different types of changes that affect their nutritional needs and even their ability to take in the nutrition they need. One solution is for seniors to have help from home care providers to stay on top of those changes and get the help that they need. Changing […]

7 Tips for Helping Seniors to Eat Nutritious, Fun Meals

24-Hour Home Care in The Heights TX

Maintaining a balanced diet and getting the right nutrients helps seniors to stay as healthy as possible, but it’s not that easy to do. Changes in dietary preferences and in what seniors require in order to eat a healthy diet are just two of the problems seniors face. Help from 24-hour home care providers makes […]

National Dairy Month: The Importance of Dairy in the Diet

Companion Care at Home in Bay City TX

June’s National Dairy Month is a good time to consider how much milk your mom drinks. It’s estimated that 66% of older adults do not get enough calcium, so it’s very likely your mom isn’t drinking enough. Dairy is extremely important for many reasons. Companion care at home can help your senior incorporate more dairy […]

Produce Is a Great Finger Food for Seniors with Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer's Care in Memorial TX

While June is National Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Month, these are a building block of any healthy diet and should be eaten daily. The recommendation is that people eat three cups of vegetables and two cups of fruit every day. Many fall short of this goal. Your mom has Alzheimer’s disease, and it’s especially difficult […]

5 Steps to a Healthier Diet for Seniors

Senior Home Care in Katy TX

A healthy diet does not always solve every single health problem, of course, but it really is a must for seniors who want to remain strong and healthy. Having some strategies for keeping a family member’s diet healthy makes this an easier task for family caregivers. It’s also helpful to have support from senior home […]

Can Carrots Really Boost Your Senior’s Eyesight?

Elder Care in Galleria TX

When you’re looking for ways to keep your senior as healthy as possible, you might start looking at small details, like specific vegetables your senior might want to eat more of on a regular basis. Carrots have long been rumored to improve eyesight, but if she eats a lot of them, will they help her […]

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