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Understanding Touch-Deprived Seniors

Home Care Services in Memorial TX: Touch is highly therapeutic and it can make a real difference in a person’s life, regardless of age. However, a growing number of elderly adults in the United States are touch deprived, meaning they don’t get enough daily or weekly interaction with others.

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What Happens with Home Care Services in Memorial, TX in Bad Weather

In most northern regions of the United States during the winter, bad weather can hamper one’s ability to get to their destination. Snowfall, especially during blizzards, can make road impassable and they can actually become closed to anyone except ‘essential’ personnel. So is home care services determined to be essential personnel? That all depends on…

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Home Care Services in Memorial, TX: Can Help Seniors Prepare Memories for Grandchildren

Some of the most treasured items that many people have are related to their ancestors. Particularly if they had a strong relationship with her grandparents, or shares characteristics, talents or preferences with this grandparent, feeling connected to generations that came before helps a person understand who he is and feel greater appreciation for his family…

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