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Elder Care Recipes: Vegetable Pinwheels

Elder Care in Hunters Creek, TX – A Delicious and Filling Snack Recipe for Your Senior Loved One Snacking is an important part of your elder care plan. Most nutritionists and doctors agree that healthy snacking throughout the day is better for many seniors and young adults alike than eating three large meals. These snacks…

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Simple Exercises that Elder Care in Hunters Creek, TX Can Help Seniors Perform

It is important for seniors to be active and exercise regularly. This helps prevent heart disease, diabetes, and some forms of cancer. It can also reduce the pain associated with arthritis. Elder Care can help seniors perform simple exercises that will help them improve their balance, flexibility, endurance, and strength allowing them to stay healthier…

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Elder Care in Hunters Creek, TX: Aging in Place

Many seniors these days are choosing to stay at home, which is also called age in place. They love their home and neighborhood and they just want to stay comfortable in the familiar surroundings of their home for the rest of their life. Many seniors own their home and aren’t paying on a mortgage; their…

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